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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane


In January I was invited to submit a story to a sword and sorcery anthology. That’s no guarantee of acceptance, and I’m a bit worried that the story may be a bit over the top.

Ever since I created the character of Cullen Blackwood for my first novel in the Lycan Blood series, I have been a bit fixated on the character. The title is “the whorehouse devil” and it is more than a little off-color even though there is no actual sex in it. Cullen is a male chauvinist pig with a heart of gold and an obsession with getting laid. He’s also only five feet four inches tall and a lycan, one of my race of wolfweres.

He was partly inspired by my neighbor, Joe the Perv, with some major differences due to culture and size. In a sense, I suspect that Cullen is the person that Joe wishes he were, but can’t be.

Here’s a small section from the short story in which he encounters the Madam of the brothel The Crimson Lady.

Cullen pushed the door open and ducked as something passed over his head and hit the wall behind him with a thunk. A lamp unshielded and a flash of steel sent Cullen into a roll across the floor to avoid the thrown blade.

He gained his feet and stared for a second at the dark-skinned woman sitting behind the desk with an array of blades in front of her. “Aiming for something taller, Silkie?”

“Cullen! You little sawed off shit, what are you doing here?”

The courier flicked his knives back into their sheaths and shrugged. “What I always do.”

“We’re closed.”

“I see that. What’re you doing sitting in the dark with an armory on your desk for?”
Silkie glared at him. “I pray for the likes of Lokynen the Battle-Master, and what do I get? A dwarf lycan.”

“You’re not making any sense … so I’ll forgive that last remark.” Cullen strolled over to the desk. “If you want to apologize, just lift your skirts.”


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