Cussedness Corner

"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane


I haven’t gone to my normal places this week and probably won’t be there next week. My insurance screwed up my medications approvals and I’m been without my key meds for my muscle problems. As a result of that my bad leg has been spasming 24/7 for over a week and will for a bit longer. If I go too long the arm will join in with the leg. Only on the left side … the side that was affected by polio. I take a very expensive medication for it and for some reason, although I’ve been on it for years now, the insurance company decided to get hinkty about it again. The pharmacist called late yesterday to say that it had finally been approved, but because my transportation requires a 24 hour advance reservation, I can’t even pick it up until Tuesday and then it will be a few days before I have enough of it in my system to settle my muscles down again.

If my next royalties are sufficient to the task, I intend to help get her car on the road. It requires a few repairs to pass inspection and get the necessary inspection sticker to make it legal to drive again. Then, at least, I will have fewer transportation issues. Filthy Assistant is always willing to run me around in a pinch when her car is up.


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Janrae Frank

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