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Warning High Cheddar Content

It seems that I’m not a feminist.

Odd, I thought I was.

After all I wrote the earliest fantasy story of a woman passing as male in a society that would not allow women to have non-traditional roles.

But I’ve had this reaction from feminists before.

I am not PC because I’m a realist, not an idealist.

I am a pragmatist.

I listen to the lessons of history.

The fact that I write strong female characters in dark situations must certainly indicate my lack of feminist sensibilities.

I have always been and always will be a Maverick. I see the problems on both sides of the fence.

So now, once more, I’m getting trashed by the feminists, just months after getting bashed for complaining about the use of the word “pussified” in connection with fantasy authors.

To one side I’m a raging femi-nazi. To the other, I’m a traitor.

To the horror community, I’m a bad guy for saying it could improve and that we live in a literary ghetto.

To the literary community at large and a number of major editors I’m the voice of sensibility.

I have always thought painfully outside the box. I am a square peg in the round hole of life.


I am the voice in the wilderness demanding that people study the lessons of history.

PC is just as oppressive as fundamentalism. Both of them swing to illogical and blind extremes.

Plato insisted that the middle ground was the preferred way. The Greeks, despite their obvious restraint of the feminine principle, still had a point in talking about the balance of the middle ground and the need for walking between extremes.

What happened to sense and sensibility. My grandmother who raised me fought for the vote. She raised me with an older form of feminism. It was a more practical and clear-headed way of looking at equal rights than anything I have seen in the past forty years.

Feminism wonders why it appears to be a dying breed.

It’s because they go overboard with cramming PC down people’s throats until they choke on it. That creates a resistance factor that obviates their efforts.

At some point we must reach for a better standard. We cannot make reality confirm to our expectations by denying its existence. We change it by recognizing what is real and what is not.

In an ideal world no one would be a product of their cultures.

I suggest that all those “feminists” (and I use the term loosely) take a hard look at the UN Report on the Status of women. It’s an eye opener.

I suggest that they read some of those wonderful books being written by Islamic women on what they have had to go through.

I suggest that we should not support “different but equal” status for cultures. “different but equal” is not acceptable in a so-called enlightened society for the simple reason that, as the summary of the ruling that finally did away with “separate but equal” in our own country stated so nicely: “separate is by it’s very nature unequal”.

dwerenat sums the whole mess up this way: Under no circumstances can we allow human rights to be superseded by culture or religion or ignorance, nor any combination of the three. Period.


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