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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane


I am reposting this with permission from Niwikaiha.

There once was a bank. Across the street was a bench and on that bench was a bum. The bum was drunk as usual and all of a sudden, a small van comes racing around the corner of the street. With screeching tyres it stops directly in front of the bank, two men wearing ski masks jump out, open the back door and an elephant comes out. The elephant bashes the wall of the bank in, the men run inside and come out about a minute later carrying large sacks filled with money. They throw the sacks into the van, the elephant jumps back into the van, the men jump back in and they race off.

A few minutes later, the police have arrived and are looking for eye witnesses. One of them sopts the bum and walks up to him. He asks ‘Did you see what happened?’
‘Yes,’ says the bum, ‘but i’m just a drunk bum and it’s a rather weird story so you’ll never believe me’.
‘Tell me anyway,’ says the policeman
So the bum tells the policeman what had happened, elephant and all.
‘Right,’ says the policeman, ‘was it an african elephant or an indian elephant?’
The bum says ‘I have no idea, how can i see that?’
‘Well, an african elephant has large, floppy ears and an indian elephant has smaller ones’.
The bum says ‘Oh, but I couldn’t see that, it was wearing a ski mask’.


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