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Meet the people who run WFI


Gunny John

<Naming the Beast (edit: Be certain you have all of your defenses up. Their site is filled with spyware so they can track you back. I use firefox with adblock, noscript, microsoft defender, and foxyproxy)

I am linking to their site because it is important to see the proof that these two are indeed the head honchos of WFI.

See how much they hate gays and liberals and transgendered people. See what their larger agenda is in relation to WFI.

The don’t intend to stop with the pedophiles. They are after the GLBT community also. They are after the anti-war protestors. They think that gays promote rape.

“There are minority factions who have the ears of some very high Career Politicians. The homosexual faction wants any mention of how their lifestyle is against someone’s religious beliefs to be considered “hate speech” and a “thought crime.” The drug culture wants their use and abuse of narcotics and controlled substances to be accepted and no longer punishable by law.

These people, instead of working to keep this country a model of a representative republic, want to have an “anything goes” attitude. Smoking dope? That’s cool. Drinking and driving? No problem. Rape, assault, murder? Fully acceptable in the land of the liberal mindset. Having limits, rules, regulations, is what allows a civilization to thrive and grow. When the rules and regulations are ignored or altered to favor one group over another, then there is no longer a mindset of “All men are created equal” – there is the onset of the “victim mentality,” where the individual is no longer held accountable for their own actions, but any wrong that befalls them is a direct result of events in their past; events they have no control over, and events that they will allow to control the rest of their lives.”


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