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A Dichotomy and Not Enough Sleep

I have definitely not had enough sleep yet. Logic says I should not post when I’m tired because then my post polio syndrome kicks in and I become too exhausted to think straight.

My dichotomy takes the form of a long internal debate between a desire to keep my head down and an enormous streak of innate defiance.

Right now I’m making my statement of defiance in my bio.

What’s in my fiction. I am going to restate that because it is an aspect of my defiance.

I tend to see the holes in things philosophically, which mlways gets me in trouble. I am very definitely a maverick.

Here’s what is in my fiction: incest, rape, pedophilia, racial and religious bigotry and prejudice, intolerance of many kinds, external and internal culture shock and lots of gore and sexuality. I have run the gamut of sexual types because I believe that humanity (and I use the term loosely since not all of my characters are human) is diverse and that diversity needs to be explored.

When I was in high school back in the very early 70s, I came upon three high school football players who were harassing a much smaller student because he was gay. One of them had hold of him by the upper arm and was practically pulling Jamie off his feet. The justice side of my dichotomy lashed out without thinking and hit the football player in the face. Then the survival half of my dichotomy went “oh shit, I can’t believe I just did that.” And at that point I grabbed Jamie by the hand and screamed “Run!”

We did.

When I was younger, the survival side of my inner dichotomy often got the upper hand. As I got older, the tilting at windmills side won out more and more.

Now, I’ve had only three hours sleep and the previous two nights I got only four hours.

That’s fine when you’re young, but when you’re 52 and problems due to post polio syndrome, it can be a problem.

At one point, I felt that was right. The sane thing to do is to survive at all costs. However, I can’t do that.

For one thing, I’m too old to melt back into the shadows.
For another, defiance is a large part of what makes me tick.
And lastly, if industry professionals do not stand up for the rights of the fandom writers, then sooner or later the crusade that took them down will expand to include the rest of us.

Lyn McConchie has frequently told me “It takes two to make a war, but only one to make a massacre when the other side refuses to fight back.”

The Strikethrough 2007 had only two options: to be a war or to be a massacre.

Personally I would rather have a war.

I believe that the majority should not be punished for the sins of the minority.

I once jokingly said that the best way to prevent rape was to take all the males, put them in shackles and leg irons and issue the women cattle prods.

And yet, that is what an enormous group of extremists are trying to do: issue a loud minority literary and cultural cattle prods and put the rest of us in shackles and leg irons called censorship.

We can either allow our rights to be trampled and go quietly to the slaughterhouse like lambs; or we can gather together in the name of free speech and the right of assembly and grow claws and teeth.

There is an old Native American story about an eagle that was hunting and spotted a small creature. He swooped down and grabbed what he thought was easy prey and as he rose into the sky, the creature unsheathed its claws and dug them into his belly. What the eagle thought was a rabbit turned out to be a cat.

That’s what happened with Strikethrough 2007.

We have two sets of claws: protest and money.

In a capitalist society, money speaks the loudest. In dealing with a private company such as 6A/LJ, you have to protest with your wallet as well as your words.

In the spirit of “Don’t Tread on Me” I am going to go over to ‘s journal, and pick a banned book from her impressive list of books that contain incest, rape, and pedophilia and I’m going to then buy a copy of it and post the title of which book I bought and why.

Let’s all go out and buy a banned book.


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