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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Fireborn Law Update

Fireborn Law has been edited and turned into production.

I’m just a little ebook author at this point in my life. Returning to fiction after too many years away from it in journalism and editorial work, I have found many, many changes in the industry. I don’t like most of them.

At this point there are many wonderful books coming out from the indie publishers in the ebook end of publishing. Often they are far better than what we are seeing from the small presses. More people have made the leap from ebook into massmarket than have made the jump from small press to massmarket. I think that is perhaps because ebook is still a new phenomenon and publishers do not yet know what to make of it.

Kynyr Maguire, tasked with investigating Claw Redhand’s son-in-law Malthus Estrobian, is finding that task far more dangerous than he dreamed. Malthus’ cats paws are stalking both Kynyr and his beloved Kady.

Kady is attacked shortly after Kynyr is wounded in an ambush set up by Malthus. Kynyr’s grandfather, Todd Sinclair, is the greatest armsmaster the lycan people have have ever produced; and he decides to turn Kady into a warrior, but will it work in time to save both Kady and Kynyr?

Malthus Estrobian is secretly the genocidal mastermind behind the hidden laboratories in the far north where hundreds of lycans have perished in terrible experiements that included vivisections and the testing of vicious toxins, whom the lycans have known only as a faceless man they call The Butchering Serpent.

Then the Trickster, Dynanna, Goddess of Cussedness and Perversity, takes an interest in Kynyr; however the trouble that she can get people into and out of is both legion and legend.

Two huge wagons loaded down with goods, each drawn by four stocky ponies, pulled up in front of the Scarlet Angel Mage Supply. A hunch-backed old mon drove the lead wagon, her long white hair tied into a tail at her neck; while another geezer drove the rear wagon. Both vehicles had four children perched precariously atop the stacks of chests and crates.

The crone sprang from the lead wagon as sprightly as a child, glanced both ways and darted into the shop. “Hey, Luciano, where’s your dad?”

“Dyna!” Luciano came from behind the counter and hugged her. “Lemyari got him.”

“Sorry to hear about that.”

“Not as much as I was. He bit me three days later and informed me that spiritworkers taste bad. He hasn’t been around since.”

“Well, they do.”

“You’d know about those things?”

Dynanna snickered. “I got those supplies you wanted.”

Luciano shook his head, his expression turned unhappy. “Can’t use them. I’m closing the store. Queen Tomyrilen routed the Sharani forces at Wolfbane Field. General Mardreth Dovane has retreated to Skeleton Creek to regroup.”

“You gonna run?”

“No choice.”

Dynanna lowered her head, and rubbed her forefinger under her nose. “I got something that will help, but I want it back.”

She reached into her pocket and produced a small clear glass globe.

“Is that a carrying globe?” Luciano’s eyes saucered as he accepted it.

“Yup, put the whole store in your pocket. Then head for Red Wolff. Yuwenghau are making a stand there. We’re gonna protect the last descendant of Dawnhand.”

“Oh, My Lady. Thank you. Where shall I meet you?”

“Wolffgard. I’ll be there no later than the equinox. Open a store there and I’ll find you.”

“I’ll leave tonight.”

“Good mon. If the lycans contest your presence, just ask for Pandeena and tell her I sent you.”

“Which name shall I give her?”

“Dyna. She knows all my faces.”

Dynanna stalked toward the door.

“Wait, My Lady…”

She flicked her hair back as she turned to look at Luciano. “What?”

“Several things actually. You told me to gather gossip and I have. Padruig Caimbeul has left Running Horse. He’s in Wolffgard. Todd Sinclair – for eighty years the sa’necari believed him slain at Kinsdale Wood – he’s alive and in Wolffgard. He has a grandson, Kynyr Maguire, possibly the greatest swordsmon the lycans have produced in over two hundred years.” Luciano’s eyes narrowed. “So the Butchering Serpent’s cowardly myn shot him with poisoned arrows. They don’t know yet if Maguire will survive.”

Dynanna’s features went still. “Sinclair, Caimbeul, and the last descendant of Dawnhand … all in Wolffgard at the same time. Hmmn.” She sucked her left cheek in and thought for a moment. “Can Lokynen be far behind?”

“The Battle-Master?”

“Yeah, that one. He was Todd’s first mentor. Small world.” A cheeky grin spread across the Trickster’s face. “Looks like I got me a new bag of trouble to play with and I’m going to make good use of it. Funsies!”
She snapped her fingers and a tall staff appeared in her hands. She gave it to Luciano. “You’re going to need this.”

Luciano’s eyes saucered. “But that’s … that’s Sunrise.”

“Yeah, I know. It has just been sitting in my hoard for the past five hundred years gathering dust. Take good care of it.”

“I thought the Obsidian Dragon had it…”

Dynanna chuckled. “The dragon came down with a bad case of hives and while he was busy scratching his itch I stole half his hoard. Last I heard, the old bugger was still scratching. His wings are in tatters and he’s got a bad case of nervous exhaustion.”

Luciano burst out laughing and hugged the staff. “I’ll take good care of it, My Lady.”

“I bet you will. Be sure to tell any of the Faithful you encounter on the way to Wolffgard that I’ll be there soon and I’m opening my armories.”

Dynanna strode out to the wagons and gestured at the children riding on hers. “Bodi, I got a mission for you and Lilac.”

Bodi jumped down and ran over to her. “A mission! I got a mission.”

He paraded around her in small circles, grinning.

Lilac gathered her skirts, climbed carefully to the ground, and joined them. She patted her pouches and smiled at the jingling coins. “What’s the mission?”

“Spies,” Dynanna hissed. “And a delivery. I heard that a friend of yours is in Wolffgard. Todd Sinclair. He’s gonna need the stuff in the orange chest.”

“Funsies!” Lilac squealed.

“You gonna loan us a carry ball?” Bodi stopped parading and looked up at her.

“Can’t. I loaned my spare to Luciano. You’ll have to carry it.”

Bodi wiggled his eyebrows. “It’s heavy.”

Dynanna nodded. “Pieface, you get them to Wolffgard. Take Sugar Maple along to help carry it. Once the delivery is made, I want you and Sugar Maple back on the wagons, pronto.”

“Gotcha.” Pieface snapped his fingers, his powers swirled around the four children in shades of red and rose. Then they all vanished.


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