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Looking for balance in an unbalanced world

I shut down my Rss feed for my xanga blog where I had been posting the most about my writing. Reason?

I can’t keep the lunatics from twisting my words and inventing new sins for me. I cleaned out my f-list here at myspace to make certain that they did not have easy access to it.

Mr. Nameless suddenly became the least of my worries. The booga booga fratboys went after me and they make Mr. Nameless look tame.

Back in late 04, I started working with Jane Letty who had an agency that she closed in early 06 to take a full time job working as an editor for Renebooks. I have never met Jane face to face, but we’ve spoken on the phone a lot and through email. I was impressed from the beginning with her knowledge of the publishing industry, and I have worked in it since the mid- 70s.

One of the things I liked best about Jane was that her agency contracts were constructed so that she represented single works rather than authors. However, in one case, that worked against her in popular misconceptions. A writer approached her because a small movie company had expressed an interest in one of his novels (which oddly enough had come out through PA). I call him Weenie Wolf Boy. He knows I call him that. Any way, Jane signed on to rep the book just to that one market because she had good connections with them.

However, Weenie Wolf Boy apparently did not read Jane’s contracts before he signed them and thought she had agreed to rep all of his works. But that was not how Jane worked. That deal fell through, as they frequently do when it involves Hollyweird, and he began screaming when she refused to rep his next book.

In order to demonstrate what Jane’s contracts were like, I posted a contract blank, with no names in it, on my blog at journalscape (which has fallen mostly into disuse over the past year). Lots of companies will post contract blanks so that people will see what rights they ask for. Weenie Wolf Boy still insists that I posted HIS contract.

My first contact with Weenie Wolf Boy was when i took him to task for having a three inch banner at the bottom of his posts on HWA forums. You got a three word post and three inches of banner.

The first piece of fiction I had ever read by him was a nice short about a werewolf who helped turn the tide of Bourgoyne’s campaign against George Washington during the Revolutionary War. I had no idea that the rest of his work was so poor. But it was. And I told Jane to reject that novel of his. She agreed with me and so it went.

I made mistakes. One of the most glaring was a writer I usually refer to as Bonehead the Barbarian. I asked Jane to take Bonehead on as a client. She did.

I knew that his fiction needed work, but he seemed willing to take direction and I helped him turn an opening chapter that was mostly joe explainerisms into a nice piece. But, at WHC, he ran afoul of Ginjer Buchanan. I had told him not to call the book sword and sorcery, just fantasy. But he insisted on pitching it to her as sword and sorcery and Ginjer told him that no one was buying that kind of material right now. Jane came into the room just as Bonehead was finishing up. Bonehead jumped to his feet in the middle of Ginjer explaining this to him and rushed for the door in a loud sulk. He knocked Jane into the wall and kept going.

Making matters worse, I took umbrage at his use of the word “pussified” in connection with fantasy. He posted in public places that he would rather sell to the small press than see his work sold with a “sanitary napkin” as a slip cover. It got worse from there.

Another writer, let’s call him Drone Whiner, took umbrage with something I said on the HWA boards that caused a huge flame war in 04. Unfortunately my computer quit working and by the time I got to see the results of my post, the thread had been locked for three days. That was the year that HWA gave a twin life achievement award. One of Anne Rice and the other to Marty Greenberg.

Rice couldln’t make it for health reasons. The then president of HWA got up to talk about why they awards had been given, said three lines about Rice and spent an hour talking about Greenberg. I said that the male writers at HWA “paid the women writers lip service and then turn around and suck cock.”

That’s when the trouble with Drone started.

Now, let’s fast forward past the difficulties with Mr. Nameless because I have spoken about them in the past in great detail.

Their used to be a messageboard called “Nicktion” that was devoted to discussions of Mr. Nameless. The owner of the site, let’s call her Queenie, became ill, and required surgery. During her recovery, she put a fellow called Al in charge of the board.

Al had become well-known, not because he had ever been a victim of Mr. Nameless, but because he produced some photoshopped images poking fun at Mr. Nameless that will probably never be matched for quality and cleverness.

So as admin of Nicktion, he got to post his pictures and receive applause. However, in many ways, he went over the top. He got into a quarrel with Widdle, and he persuaded Queenie to allow him to ban Widdle from Nicktion.

Undeniably, Widdle is spiky. But most, if not all, of my closest friends are spiky. I have always liked spiky people because I don’t have to wonder where I stand with them. I like honesty, even when it makes me flinch.

When Al started outing Widdle in all of her blogs (many of those which he cited at hers weren’t hers, but true never got in his way), I asked him politely to stop and he refused, going off at great and abusive length. I told him “I quit.” I didn’t argue with him. I just said “I quit” and I left Nicktion.

But people began asking me why and eventually I posted an explanation in which I described him as an overeager puppy. I didn’t bad mouth him.

then I received a comment posted to that from Queenie iniforming me that she had not known about it until then, and had decided to close Nicktion. Which she did.

Al seems to have blamed me for the closure of Nicktion and the loss of his little messageboard kingdom.

Back in 04 I had told Mr. Nameless that so long as he kept posting baseless accusations to hurt people, I would keep going after him. Every time I tried to stop, he would come after me again.

A few months ago, Nameless got a feedsite at LJ for his xanga, which was where he posted most of his abuse. It was so insane, that it came to the attention of an LJ community called Stupid_Free. They landed on him with all four feet like a spitting cat.

Knowing the degree of Nameless’s homophobia, five of the guys from Stupid_Free began posting slash fiction about Nameless to his feedsite. the only thing you can delete from a feedsite is your own material. So that compounded it.

At the height of this, a fellow who goes by the handle of Visual_Shadow stumbled upon the ultimate way to yank Nameless’s chain: slash fiction about Nameless and his underaged son. I rather doubt that Shadow ever intended to write it.

Be that as it may, the facts of the matter have been lost and, despite Shadow’s continued admissions that the story was his, I am now considered to be the author of the story. Ironically, the story was never written. Shadow held out for an apology from Nameless, holding the possibility of its being written. After five tries, Nameless succeeded in a moderately conciliatory apology and Shadow never wrote it.

However, and here it becomes convoluted, there was a thread on a now defunct LJ community, of whether it was proper to even consider writing the story.

I prefaced my reply with “I don’t want to be hypocritical and say that incest should never be written about as I have dealt with the matter in one of my novels (My Father’s House), but that writing about underaged children was describing child abuse more than incest.”

Then came Strikethrough 2007 at LJ. There were a lot of fandom communities that had slash fiction posted. Some of it was Harry Potter slash (can you really imagine Draco and Harry having sex?) and some of the posted stories were about incest between the Weasley twins. The interesting point was that 90% of it was written by women.

The bulk of those communities have since been restored.

However, in my defense of those fandoms and their right to delve into those fantasies, my purpose was twisted by people and seen as my writing in support of having written slash fiction about Nameless and son. I guess they don’t read the tags, because I marked all of those posts “Strikethrough 2007.”

So this is what greeted me, read back and take notes about how one’s words and actions can be mis-perceived.

In the thread and elsewhere I was accused of writing the slash piece, accused of having been Jane Letty’s lesbian lover, accused of having posted Weenie Wolf Boy’s contract, accused of being psychotic, accused of being a hypocrite, and much worse.

oh, and i called horror a ghetto … an unpardonable sin. Actually I said that all genre fiction was a ghetto. But you know how these things get twisted.


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