Cussedness Corner

"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Blessed are the critters….

…Who keep finding the holes in my novels before they land at my editor’s desk.

The biggest problem I have with series books is knowing how much back story and other matters need to be added into the next one to keep the work clear. People get lost in them sometimes. That is what led me to create the Compendium. When I get this next book finished, I am going to completely overhaul the free download version of the Compendium. Since requires registration to download or purchase, I’m going to set it up so that the Compendium can be downloaded directly from my website as soon as I finish the up-date on it.

But critters ask interesting questions and notice things that go right past me.

The line edit has begun on If Truth Dies, and the critters are critting.

The question that one of them asked recently caught me by surprise, both in its simplicity and attention to small detail. “Why does Cooley wear shoes when Rory is always barefoot?”

I had not paused to explain that Rory’s family is too poor to afford shoes for their children.

I’m starting to be more aware of the fact that if I stop to argue with the critter, I’m wrong. If I have to stop to argue or explain, then it is clear that I failed somewhere in the text. this time around my critter generated Notes for Revision list has run to four single spaced pages.


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