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Drama Llamas Doldrums and a Decision

The road to this post began with a tarot reading. I don’t read tarot as often as I used to. My preferred layout is Rachel Pollack’s work reading from her book “78 Keys to Wisdom” and is more for understanding situations.

Clarity arrives in strange forms.

My computer crashed as a result of a virus that managed to get past my defenses. For some reason I got bombarded with them and one slipped past and ate the system files needed to boot the computer.

Then I managed to do something I had not done in years: I twisted my ankle on the bad leg. I had just finished shopping with , came out of the grocery store, and was intending to sit down on the bench and smoke a cigar before calling a cab. Just as I reached the bench, my ankle twisted with a large popping sound.

I am not given to cussing much, but I cussed a blue streak for several minutes. Guessing from the look on ‘s face, she did not know whether to be concerned or amused by my unusual use of vocabulary.

Today, with my foot swollen and bruised, I went through three double screwdrivers, decided that was overkill for the cumulative situation and sobered up. It was after getting sober that the idea of using the tarot to figure out the best way to deal with my overall situation occurred to me.

Interestingly, but not surprisingly, drama llama was written all over the first cards in my spread. Every thing in my life was currently being affected by them.

The cards showed me how to let go of it all and once I had done that I felt much better.

Oh, and I also emailed Lee and told him how boring he is.

I still haven’t figured out what to do about John and Eric. But I’m working on it.


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