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4th of July approaches or how to PINK off a Sqrl

Every time the subject of Boston comes up, says “Don’t drink the tea.”
Adding injury to insult, her damned dwagon is always PIIIInking me off … by painting me piiiink. Argh!

So, I am commemorating July 4th of 1776 with the lizard version of the American Revolution with a few highlights just to piiiink off my friend in England.

It started with a tea party, more or less, in Boston Harbor when a bunch of colonists tried to break the Guinness Book of Records by making the world’s biggest cup of tea. Unfortunately there was salt in the water.

Then Ethan Allen and his green mountain boys invaded a fort and informed a British General that he’d been caught with his pants down.

Matters got serious fast.

Bourgoyne got Piiiiinked off that he could not catch Francis Marion.

George Washington ran around in circles and crossed the wrong river twice. That must have pinnnnked everyone off.

Finally we won one.



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