Cussedness Corner

"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

This has been a strange week and today I’m feeling more than a little tired and just as strange as the week has been.

If Truth Dies will be out in three weeks. Kaolin re-did the cover and I like it a lot better. I hope to have Blood Hope turned in by mid-October.

I spent most of this year working on the books that were closest to finished so that i would have something to turn into my nagging publisher. She nags gently and I just growl at her, “No more work! You’re a slave-driver.”

it took me a year of near burn-out to learn to say no to her. There are only so many hours in the day and only so much energy in the author.

The conclusion to the Dark Brothers of the Light series is complete in rough draft. It’s just a matter of getting all the revisions done. There are only three books left to come out in it. I’m getting close to finished with all the material I put together in that mad period in 04 when I wrote a thousand pages in six weeks, sleepless and skipping meals because the words would not stop forcing their way into my conscious mind.

Never want to do that again.


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Janrae Frank

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