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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

A growing list

EDIT: There is a new novel on the list.

I’m putting an advanced date on this so that I can keep adding to the list.

This is my “you really should read this” horror novel list.

Cairnwood Manor: Shadows over Somerset by Bob Freeman. Gothic wonderfulness.

Kit Whitfield, Benighted. It’s the most intense werewolf novel I’ve read in years. It completely turns the usual mythos inside out.

Jonathan Maberry, Ghost Road Blues. It is the first in a horror trilogy and intense reading that sweeps you up into the lives of the characters in a haunted town.

Stephen Mark Rainey, simply everything. His take on the Cthulu mythos is fabulous. His short fiction is every bit as good as his novel length works. The Fugue Devil and Others, and also The Last Trumpet (collections) are must reads.

Joe Hill, The Heart-shaped box. I think he’s going to steal his father’s title for top author eventually.


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