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Polio Eradication

I found an interesting article on yahoo today on the eradication of polio

I try to stay aware of what progress is made with polio, since that is what I had when I was a month shy of eight. I remember the victories and the defeats keenly that followed contracting the disease, and the way that I was before it crippled me. that was a long, long time ago and i do not remember all of it. Just the highlights.

I thought I had it whipped and then it circled around and hit me again in my 40s. The only time in my life that i ever used the “N” word was when a black woman during the Rodney King riots referred to me as a “stupid cripple.” She had just hit me in the face with a can of frozen orange juice over a dispute in a grocery store line involving Sovay who was winking and smiling at her two girls in an attempt to get your typical childhood interactions going.

I am very glad to hear that the incidents of polio are going down.

There are many attitudes among the disabled. Many of us try to bull our way through it and live as normal a life as we can manage. Others become angry and see slights in everything. Still others just give up.

I get irritated at the endless half arsed way that PC is constantly changing words used to refer to the disabled. No matter what kind of polite label you place upon the situation, the facts are not changed. My leg is still lame and i am not “physically challenged.” I am life challenged just like everyone else, but with some added bumps in the situation.

Let’s call it as it really is. The damned leg is lame, but my brain isn’t.


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