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Zombie meme snagged from

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Gender MaleFemaleDoesn’t Matter anymoreTransgender
How familiar are you with zombies? OMG ROB ZOMBIE! HAWT!!!!1111Yeah, I’ve seen 28 Days Later…..yeahSomewhat…they like brains right?Bullet to head. Drop dead.I’ve read the goddamn survival guide man.I have a RIP Lucio Fulci tattoo..
A zombie is moaning at your door. What do you do? Go outside to see what the noise is.Ask them to leave.Shoot them, they were trespassing anyway.Board up the doors and windows. Stock the basement.Go upstairs and destroy the staircase.Call the cops…to find the line is busy.
Your lover got bit. What do you do? OMGZ BANDAGES!!!!!!!!1Re-assure him/her that it’ll be okay.Fall asleep with him/her and wake up to teeth on your ass.Kill him/her right away. Now I can save my neighbor and bang them.
FOX NEWS says to stay in-doors. What do you do? Do what they say. The media never lies!Turn the TV off and grab your gun.Wait for the weather.Set TiVo to record just in case 24 still airs.
Weapon of choice… ShotgunPistolChainsawRandom blunt-objectFlamethrower or MolotovsKnifeSling-shotBow and arrowFists
Forms gang of scavengers . Loots the neighborhood. dark_submission
Plays tough-guy and gets bit within the first wave kyhwana
The dumb zombie that walks around in circles. neongreengeisha
You find them in your basement. Then sex them. chaos_wraith
Gets intestines ripped out and screams like a girl ms_daisy_cutter
Becomes a bible-thumper. Says the lord will end it sl_carmichael
Kills more zombies that you could possibly imagine kim_richards
Chance of survival

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