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Not a regularly scheduled program.

It occurred to me last night that I was dancing around the edges of something. Now I want to talk about it. On March 06, 2007, I closed down my xanga blog called Reynan_Sharani and I started a new one. I archived my files first to my hard drive, so I still have copies of what was up there, including the comments. I opened a new xanga the same day and that is the one I still have called Cussedness. On July 24, 2007, Dagstine published the infamous interview with Nicky on myspace. He saw the reaction he got and requested that people offer him proof that Nicky was at fault and had actually done the terrible things we claimed he did. I was the one he singled out to interact with directly. Far from wanting proof, he twisted everything I said and tried to play headgames with me on myspace. When I called him on it with a post on my xanga, he went berserk and sent me the following Private Message on July 26th.

You will note the section where he begins to talk to himself in hype language like an overwrought used car salesman. I had the PM examined by some top flight minds in the industry before I began the post to xanga about it’s existence.

Dear Ms. Frank:

I guess you might have enjoyed the interview with NP over at our MySpace component. Found it somewhat amusing. There is, however, a very scary aspect to the non-fiction book he is writing. Now three sides or three groups of people can constantly make fun of him… but here there is Libel the likes you have never seen (your name is included). If you analyzed the interview’s middle portions “carefully”, the way I ask my questions, (he said he posted it up at, you will have noticed I tried to make NP tell the public what this book is about, release as much information as possible. To defy the industry for publicity? No, a wake up call to some of the book’s contents (hopefully).

In the actual book he does not use names like wank or bastard or mother fucker. He uses first and last names. What he is going to do against the industry. And other stuff. I want people to know what this bastard is doing “beforehand”. Yes, I’m playing coy… pretending to be his friend. I have seen the drafts to this book (it needs to be gutted, but that’s beside the point). Whether he publishes this book on Lulu or with Publish America or wherever, it is an incriminating book. This man must be stopped! For your career and your reputation as a dark fantasy author (it shall be tainted), as well as many other well-known mass marketers in the horror field. You could take that with a grain of salt, something to consider, or let’s say info from a fellow friend and source in the so-called writing field who wants a peaceful outcome where none of us are stalked or preyed upon. Yes, we have lawyers for that. Both you and I. Big ones. But this book will cause damage that CANNOT be undone, once released.

But why publish Pacione, Dagstine? What’s your game? You’ll only lose sales either way. It’s like you want to destroy your magazine? Why? NP was in LB#2 for the beginning, don’t get me wrong, but after I read what he wrote in that autobiographical piece of crap, my MORALS stepped into the picture. As an expectant father myself, do you really think I would publish Nickolaus Pacione in the Literary Bone? After the slurs and scary stuff I have read in this book, where he plans to go further with it; I am somewhat scared myself of the repercussions.

This book could end careers.

I’m hoping you will keep our convo quiet. As I will be sure to get more pieces of the book to examine and “pretend” to give an editor’s opinionated eye over. Give Nickolaus Pacione enough rope, and he’ll be able to hang himself…legitamitely 🙂

Sincerely Yours,

Lawrence Dagstine


On Peter Barnes, he says the following on 7/26/07 to me:

“Ms. Frank, you might think I’m trying to deny this to be a publicity stunt but… Wait, why don’t you interview me 🙂 Would one of you like to interview me? I could, per se, send you a few pages of “certain” written material.”

Nickolaus will get this book published, Ms. Frank. Because he wants to. Not me. I no longer care about Pacione. I have apologized to Odark via MySpace. I realize that their members were right all along. The dots have been connected. Though I would like to ask you something before I go: were you the third wheel, Miss Frank? Were you the troublemaker all this time… doing what you did to NP and the fraternity (might I add) via livejournal on various occasions?

“Ms. Frank, I have a special folder of many things of my own. From you, from Odark, from many sources. I am protected well enough (a judge would probably laugh at both of us). Authors plotting bad things against Literary Bone itself, authors plotting against Nickolaus Pacione if he appears in Literary Bone, and I have proof of libeling against Nickolaus Pacione himself, but I AM NOT defending him (let it be for the record). But just so you know what I have in my possession. Yours is just a well-grown planet; mine is a whole galaxy. I’ll say this for the past few months, you have done nothing but ridicule me, on the off and on, call me names, on the off and on here and there on Xanga, Ms. Frank, and I am angry. I have even purchased books with your work in the past! I am terribly upset by you, Ms. Frank. It hurts me inside, because I have spent money on you! It’s a shame.”

“This is all I have to say on this ridiculous matter, Ms. Frank. It’s obvious everyone here is looking to hitch a ride on the NP train — which I also have in my folder — for exposure.

“So I just suggest we make peace.”

“QUOTE FROM MS. FRANK: It’s a 4-the-luv publication. He’s not getting paid for the story. when they put up a sample at lulu, I’m going to bash it harder than a nail through ply wood.

Ms. Frank, one of the things you did say about LB is above. Correct? I have a question, as a fellow author… why would you want to bash a publication harder than a nail through a piece of plywood? What is the motive and intent of “that”? ”


There are several veiled threats in all of this. Since I did not use tags on the old xanga, and am only now trying to get into the habit, where did he get onto me? My single snarky remark from a dead blog.

Now he continues to direct his spleen at me, calling me an “embittered has-been” and worse things. And he never stops. He has not stopped since grabbed that quote a year ago. Then he tried to make out that I had spent a lot of time on him, and that’s a lie. All that there ever was was that one snarky remark.

Let’s get real, Dagstine. Why did you start stalking me over a year ago and why do you continue to do so. I have your IP address showing up on several of my blogs with great regularity.



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