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Life in a Vacuum

My internet and phone are through earthlink. I guess i live most of my life in a vacuum, because I never really bothered to look into the situation with scientology and earthlink, much less the crimes of scientology.

I’m getting ready to post an article I wrote in 1986 that made scientology very unhappy with me. At the time I thought it was all just a simple over reaction and failed to understand why the article upset them.

I wrote a book review of one of Hubbard’s novels.

Alarm bells should have gone off when no one wanted to buy the review even though I had had two recent articles in the Washington Post Bookworld.

Hell, alarm bells should have gone off just based on my encounter with them when I was a young teenager.

I gave the book a good review. But they contacted me wanting a retraction of other statements in the article.

I used a mail drop because I never knew if I would stumble on a loony back when I was a journalist and book critic. And yet, somehow they got my address and showed up on my doorstep, first with a bribe offer and then with threats.

So, before i post a reprint of that article on my website, I am changing all my phone and internet service providers.


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