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Coach Culbertson

So I wrote a very civil and polite open letter to Coach Culbertson to allow him to politely respond to the situation with PassieAnnie. Instead, he became irate and informed me of just how tough he was.

I don’t like people getting in my face when I’m trying to play nice. My usual response is to get tough back with them.

Dear old Coach seems to think he’s very hot shit. Well, he’s going to learn that he’s ten day old mashed potatoes.

I don’t back down.


One comment on “Coach Culbertson

  1. Coach Culbertson
    February 24, 2008

    Dear Janrae,
    I’m apologize for anything I might have said that was taken wrongly. I only meant to imply that I’m not being taken for a ride by anyone, it wasn’t meant to be a throw-down of any kind. The post at the ExposeTheTard site was completely false, and I have no idea where they’re getting their information. I am not “in business” with Nick. We trade a few emails every blue moon, he likes the Diner, and that’s about it. He did invite me to Gothicfest, which was a pretty wild experience. But Nick has not submitted to the Diner, he probably won’t, and even if he does, the Diner is not about who knows me and who doesn’t. It’s about bringing quality writing to the table and expanding what Christians can write about. To quote the Weird Tales guidelines, “We reject or accept pieces of paper, not people,” based on the quality of the writing and whether or not it fits within our guidelines.

    I really don’t know why the Tard or Rusty has any interest in me at all. Tard had no business inviting people to spam me with stuff that has no bearing on, well, anything. And yes, his post made me angry, Rusty’s propagating it made me angry, and the resulting emails just continued to annoy me. I realize now I shouldn’t have even commented and just ignored the whole thing, as I think that Tard was more interested in just creating more drama, and you know, I don’t need any more drama, as I’m sure you probably don’t either, judging from your open letter to me.

    I try to do the right thing, I try to be kind whenever possible, extending mercy and grace when I can, and try to live at peace with all people if it’s at all possible. I am human and get angry just like anybody else, and make mistakes, just like anyone else. So hopefully you can forgive me for any misunderstanding that my post may have caused.

    In regards to Nick: I am sorry that he has hurt you in the past, and I don’t condone the hate speech that he is famous for, and every time I see another video I’m sad, and I really wish he would stop. But Nick has been nothing but kind and honest with me, and I pray for him, for healing of his illness and that Christ will turn him to the light and that he will stop the silliness. I see the Diner as maybe a possible beginning point for that for Nick. I believe that if God can get a foothold in someone’s life, He can do some amazing things, and maybe the Diner is that for Nick. I believe that no one is unredeemable, and that God through Jesus Christ can turn the darkest heart to light. And as a matter of fact, I have seen it, both in my life and in others.

    I’m a former inner city high school teacher (hence the Coach title). I saw amazing transformations during my time there. I saw gangbangers turned into computer technicians, drug dealers walk into my classroom after taking the violation to get out of a gang and telling me. “Coach I hope this was worth it,” and seeing amazing things happen in their hearts. I also received death threats when students wanted a higher grade, and saw the evil and still loved those kids like they were my own. And it required me to be tougher than I ever thought possible, but also smarter and one step ahead of them.

    I’d still be there if it paid more, but I had to take a higher paying job in the private sector after I adopted my daughter, because, as you know, teenagers are expensive. Her parents both died of AIDS–her dad was a junkie, and after contracting the disease, he gave it to her mom. They died within a year of each other. After adopting my daughter, her then-boyfriend-now-husband kind of came along with the deal. His mom is a crack whore (this is not an insult, this is a description) and his dad was in jail until recently. My wife and I took him in as a son when my daughter went to college. Recently they had a baby, and I became a grandpa.

    Now, to make things more interesting, my daughter is African American (although she’ll tell tell you she’s just black), and my son-in-law is Puerto Rican. My wife and I are quite caucasian, but our children weren’t exactly welcomed into one of our extended families. In fact, we were disinvited that side’s Christmas, as the host “didn’ want his kids around that kind of thing.” Didn’t matter to us, they were and are our kids.

    Hmmm. I didn’t mean to post all this. But I did. I’m not telling you this because I think I’m “hot shit” as you say in this post. I’m just a guy who’s trying to make things better. But this is my life and who I am. And if you would like to continue to think that I’m “shit” as you declared in another post, well, ok. There’s lots of people that don’t like me for varying reasons, and to tell you the truth, it doesn’t change who I am or what I do, and you can smear me all over the Internet if you like, and I will still say, “Janrae Frank, you are still valuable and worth caring for.” I do the best I can with what I have, and I will continue to err on the side of love and mercy, even if you decide to hate me.

    Your friendly neighborhood editor,
    Coach Culbertson
    Editor-In-Chief | The Midnight Diner

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