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I was Advised

I was advised by several pros to see that the proper information and links were gotten out where it would serve to correct the situation with Joel.

After saying in the email that he would not stoop to my level of making posts on “two-bit blogs,” he went and added a fairly ugly one to the thread he created at DAZ | Studio. He has changed the title of that one to “Zombie Thread” and removed all of his previous floundering around by deleting the contents of each post. Then he makes a long attack. Well, since it can only be viewed by Members, I am not going into it much here. Mostly, I just need to vent.

But the distorted facts upset me a great deal.

I created a filter on my gmail account that will forward anything he sends me to . That way I don’t have to look at it and get upset all over again, and yet what he said will be saved and become known to the people that i am working with.

In this way I hope to genuinely distance myself from the situation even while he continues the war.

I find it ironic that he accuses me of what he did.

For those of you with accounts at DAZ, I am going to post the link. joel’s thread


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