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American Society of Journalists and Authors on the amazon situation

Dear fellow members —

In the last few days, Amazon has confirmed that as of April 1, it is requiring on-demand
authors and independent on-demand publishing houses to have their titles printed through
Amazon’s own on-demand facilities, Booksurge — or they won’t be sold on Amazon. The big
red buy-it button will go away.

ASJA is investigating the situation and the possibility of joining any protest actions within
the industry. We will keep you informed. In the meantime, we suggest you read the material
on the links below and consider signing the two petitions, one of which asks the Washington
State Attorney General’s office to investigate this action in light of restraint-of-trade
laws. (If you live in Washington state, please take particular note of this.) The other
petition basically tells Amazon “We noticed. We don’t like it.”

You may circulate this e-mail to non-member friends; in fact, the ASJA Board urges you to do

Salley Shannon, ASJA vice president and Advocacy Committee chairman

[Note: if you are interested in joining an ad-hoc committee on this situation, please write
me at]

Wall Street Journal story:

Writer’s Weekly page — information clearinghouse:

Petition to stop Booksurge requirement:

Petition to the Washington State Attorney General:

PS from the Cuss: Please repost this statement and spread it around


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