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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane


A comment at Rusty led me to discover that Dearest Mike Philbin has simply updated an old blog post in which he accuses me of being a pedophile. Many of you will remember strikeout 2007. That was responsible, in part, for my continued exploration of Age of Consent.

Philbin is talking the same old shit. I made a long study on Age of Consent and patterns of courtship in non-western societies and I said that people would misunderstand the nature of those posts.

I have already answered it here.

My reply to Philbin which I made last November.

I will up the date on it so this to today. I see no reason to go over it twice.

The origin of the quote

There is the post from which Philbin derives the quote about pedophilia.

I have a love for cultural and historical accuracy. Which was one, among many, reasons to pick that topic. I understood the risks in discussing it during these anxious times.

Feel free to post links to the material.


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