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Who The Fuck is Mike Philbin?

I have brought this forward. It was originally posted on November 19, 2007

Here are a few quotes from Philbin’s entry about me.

…well, that’s her. And why should we care? Well, she’s a writer (so she claims) and she’s read some books for a literary agent (gee, you know a lot about her, Mike).

Well, this literary genius sure knows Mike Philbin (don’t ask me why). She goes on about raping baby dinosaurs then raping babies and openly admits “I am well prepared to be called a pedophile for my beliefs.” – what an odd woman.

So quoting me out of context in an article about primative societies and the different levels of Age of Consent worldwide, makes a me a pedophile. Hmmmn.

“I started attempting to write when I was nine..” she seems to have continued to start attempting to write up until this very day. For example, this toothsome sentence from one of her latest books that we hear is distributed through ebook seller Fictionwise. Take a deep breath now…

In the course of it, he also put this sample from my novel Serpent’s Quest up.

The young guardsmon’s golden ginger hair, so thick it bloused around his face no matter how tightly he tied it back, hung at his shoulders in a clubbed knot. A narrow fringe of close-cropped golden beard framed his face from sideburns to an inch from his chin. His lantern jaw, pronounced cheekbones with dramatic hollows beneath them, and cleft chin made him the visual epitome of lycan masculinity.

Now, for comparison and contrast, let’s have some of his story quotes.

First off, quotes from Bukake world, the title story in his new collection at Silverthought

Even before I am fully awake, the first glob of spunk hits my face.

It doesn’t fully awaken me, it usually takes more than that these days – I am so tired all the time. That first money-shot of the morning is nothing more than a light irritant like a head louse that is merely scouting about for a suitable place to lay some eggs.

I am awakened by the gushing ejaculation of the alarm-clock at precisely 7 a.m. It comes in quick succession – a repeated assault that seems inexhaustible. Just how many cocks would it need to unleash such a torrent?


I assume that you can see the difference? How wonderful his purple piss prose is? Don’t you think he’s better (not) than I am

And now for a bit more fun. This creep has no pro creds at all. He’s a small to micro press wannabee genius. Don’t you just love it?


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