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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Dagstine and Nicky

Dagstine got on my radar when he bought a story that Nicky had written for his now defunct small press mag, the Literary Bone.

only one issue ever came out. People wrote him about Nicky. that always happens. And i was not one of them. (I’m very tired right now, so please forgive my errant capitalization and just let me get it out of my system.)

He kept postponing the second issue, which was supposed to have Nicky’s work in it. Then around November of last year, Dagstine posted an interview with Nicky as promotion for the upcoming issue 2. The result was an innundation of anger. Nicky brought me up. He claimed the Mary Sangiovanni was a hooker and had gotten her contract with leisure books by sleeping with the editor. He bad-mouthed Brian Keene. He jumped on Angeline Hawkes, and a host of others.

Then Dagstine got rather disingenuous and asked people to post proof of what nicky had done wrong. i, of course, offered my proofs. So did others. Dagstine singled me out and twisted everything I said. Then he sent me a threatening private message at myspace. Just before I got that PM, i had pointed out that Dagstine appeared to be running a game on everyone. That was posted on my xanga blog because of the problems I had with LJ over mentioning Nicky.

He then went to Peter Barnes xanga account and tried to make himself look like a martyr. I called him on it and he threatened me again, saying that he had a large file on me and proved it by quoting from posts I had made more than a year earlier on a blog that i had closed down.

When I had backed Dagstine into a corner with my proofs, he started belittling my achievements. And he made a lot of threats again, claiming to be a newspaper journalist. It was later discovered that he had finished a correspondence course on journalism and then gotten an AA degree in journalism.

He was working for a newspaper all right, but as a proofreader at a village weekly advertiser.

Lies are his stock in trade.

He stalks my blogs for things he can use against me. however, I do not intend to go silent like I did last summer. that did not work and only aggravated me.

He claimed to have sold stories to Asimov’s and analog, but it was proven that he had not when someone asked the editors about it on a mesageboard and were answered by the editors.

then he claimed to have an agent, and downgraded that claim to “an agent was looking at” his stuff. Now he no longer says anything about it and refuses to say who it was.

Nicky complained about receiving hatefilled email from a Valentinevegan. And people thought it was nicky writing them himself. One day nicky posted Valentine’s ISP and guess what? It was a perfect match to Dagstine’s.

Dagstine confessed to doing it as a joke, after it was discovered about the matching IPs, but every time Dag needed to get people’s attention away from his latest faux pas, letter from Valentine would send Nicky
shrieking through the roof.

then when nicky went after him, he back pedaled and claimed he had been set up.

That’s enough for tonight.


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