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The current Dagstine comment

The quoted portions is from Janrae’s Frank, and MY response, because I can’t seem to reply at her personal blog for some reason.
JANRAE: “I am certain that everyone is familiar with my temper. The only thing that comes close to matching me is a half-starved junkyard dog.

You mean you’re a half-starved “drug addict”. A junkie! I read on that gothic journal about you smoking the pipe to “see what it was like”, and I know the allegations of your meth/coke abuse in the past and your possible addictions now. And this isn’t pot or alcohol we’re talking about here, this is some heavy stuff.
JANRAE: “The roll call for the Legion of Nitwits is: Lawrence Dagstine, Nickolaus Pacione, Nicholas Tillemans, Mike Philbin, Kristy Tallman
Small press authors whose egos are larger than their (non-existent) talent.

How Nicholas Tillemans was thrown into this bunch is beyond me. And if anybody is a windbag with too much ego, it’s you.
As for the non-existent talent bit, take a look in the mirror Janrae, and ask yourself, “Why am I a has-been? Why don’t I get into print periodicals or get book deals of any kind anymore, not that e-book crap?”
Better question: Why is Janrae Frank envious?
JANRAE: “One in particular has been hassling me of late: Kristy Tallman. I am copy-pasting this across my blogs to be certain that she sees it. She has labeled me many nasty things, including a “meth/coke addict.” She did that because I discussed the fact that I have been clean for 20 years in comments at Rusty Nail.

This time “she” hit the old proverbial “Nail” on the head. A no-good meth/coke addict. I wish they would clean this country up from the likes of you. You are a danger to both the writing community and the public at large.
JANRAE: “Here’s what GUD Magazine said about her novel All Soul’s Faire”
Kaolin Fire is a decent editor, has a good magazine, but you are also his friend, so this evidence does not count for anything. It is immediately insubstantial.
JANRAE: “Kristy likes to make her betters appear small. So she posts that picture of me that i have on my website. Well, I’m in my mid 50s and there is no hiding it.

You look older. And you’re ugly, too.
JANRAE: “There is no way that I’ll ever look Kristy’s age again.

You got that right.
JANRAE: “But there is a new picture up at my website (it’s at the bottom of the bio) of what i looked like at the start of my professional career.

More thrills and chills.
JANRAE: “Amazons had just won the World Fantasy award for best anthology and I had sold a trilogy to a publishing company that i would later work for as an editor.

Again with this 30 year old single-credit anthology. Today, this credit would not get you on the crosstown bus. And this is why you are in eBooks, not print.
JANRAE: “You will not see any of the hard-eyed meanness that you see in all of Kristy’s photos of herself.

On the contrary, I see a very happy woman with a happy life.
Are we jealous of Kristy, Janrae?
JANRAE: “My looks have faded with age, but you can’t take away from me the fact that I was attractive enough in my youth that Asimov kissed me.

This sentence is fucking COMEDY GOLD! No wonder poor Isaac is dead. You killed my SF icon with your looks. Seriously, too hilarious.
JANRAE: “Nor can you take away my talent that has grown better over the years.

Another COMEDY GOLD sentence and moment.
JANRAE: “I want to challenge Kristy to go back to my website where she stole my picture from, take the worst piece of my writing she has found there, and compare it to the best piece she has ever produced. One full scene each.

Other than characterization and maybe too much description (remember, assume the reader is smart; do not talk down to them), the syntax needs to be addressed immediately and the narrative structure is too horrendous beyond words.
Simply said: edit your work!
JANRAE: “There’s plenty to chose from, Kristy. There’s even a couple of typos if you look hard enough. So give it your best shot.

For someone challenging Kristy, you sure can’t spell. The word “chose” should be “choose”.
JANRAE: “Come on, Kristy. Let me help you. There are two stories on my website that have some tiny flaws in them.

Trust me, there’s more than that.
JANRAE: “I switched one story from first to third and did not manage to correct all the pronouns when I decided to alter the story from one to the other. The other story was switched from third to first.

And you messed up the whole consistency and POV in the process.
JANRAE: “And again, I missed it in two places. Now, I could go back and fix those, but I want to be fair about this.

No, don’t make excuses. You missed it in two places because you failed to go back and edit your own work, yet you have the nerve to talk about other writers’ work. You should first worry about fixing your own errors, instead of concentrating on others.
JANRAE: “Go on and grab them and show EVERYONE how much better you are than I am.

She’s already proved that.
JANRAE: “We could post both samples at a neutral spot and have an open poll posted.

That seems like an interesting challenge. Wish I’d been invited, got to pick the genre, I’d BURY your old school, no-talent ass in a heartbeat. However, I don’t play with drug addicts.
And as much as you want to deny the facts which are now in the public eye, there’s an old saying: Once a junkie, always a junkie…!
This entry of hers even reads like a drug addict’s rant. Janrae Frank proves to the public eye that she is NO BETTER than Nickolaus Pacione.
And I would not support the literature of a drug addict.
Posted by Lawrence Dagstine – Speculative Fiction Author on Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 8:10 PM
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