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The Warning that Went Unheeded.

When Jessica Amanda Salmonson learned of my decision to move in with H, she warned me that he was bad news, and even renewed her offer to let me move to Seattle and stay with her.

Toward the end our conversations grew heated, and I wrote it off to jealousy.

H seemed so very nice, kind and vulnerable.  He also casually tossed off names in our conversations such Asimov, Niven and so forth.  I was star-struck.  Every time I turned around, there was another notice in Locus about him and what he was achieving at Donning/Starblaze.

No one thought that trade-size paperbacks would take off, but H was doing fabulous things since taking over from Kelly Freas.

Years later, I would wish fervently that I had listened to her.

Jessica had been right and I was making a serious mistake.


2 comments on “The Warning that Went Unheeded.

  1. Paula A
    May 19, 2008

    Jessica is such a nasty biatch, she probably was jealous … but good for you for coming to terms with this ..

  2. cussedness
    May 19, 2008

    Unfortunately, you’re right. Although I have heard it said that some of her dispeptic side might have been caused by the type of hormones she was on in the early days of her sexual reassignment. However, I don’t remember what she was taking, so I can’t really say whether that was correct or not.

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