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House of Spiders 3

I am having to re-create this one from memory as it must have been written on my previous xanga blog and I’m feeling too lazy to go through my achived files.

First off, the dialog was typical Mary Sue and “You know, Bob.”

It was poorly written and badly thought out. He had his spiders shown both as small one and some the size of dogs. And that defies reason. As I pointed out before, humans have a tendency to destroy creatures wholesale that are considered to be threats. Anything that got to be the size of dogs would have been destroyed thousands of years ago.

Then Nicky has someone say that the spiders could live for thousands of years. That simply is not credible. Although science has come a long way, they could not prove that scientifically without some kind of observation being made over the years.

The reality show aspect was further stupidity. No reality show would ever do that. To wantonly endanger people by making them spend the night in a hospital filled with deadly spiders would be considered reckless endangerment and no one would ever do it.

Considering that the story claims all this knowledge of the spiders has been around for a time, the first thing that would have happened, would not be continued use by a reality show.

Various federal teams would have thrown a tent or something over the building and fumigated it. Then, if that had failed, gone in with haz mat suits, and flame throwers, and such. The hospital and the spiders would not have survived more than a day after the first discovery of their existence.

The grammar errors are extreme. The dialog pisses poop. And it falls flat.


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