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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

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First off, a good journalist never betrays her sources.  So I must take the fourth amendment here and add “Nolo Contendre.”

Fuckbeater is the single stupidest story I have ever read.  The main character, Deeds, is the most unlikeable character I have ever read about.

Secondly, the gaps in logic in this story are glaring.  Ben Fulbright is depicted as a man who has done terrible things, but we are informed of this through dialog and narrative  without it being demonstrated.

I have worked for newspapers and magazines during the years that I was in journalism.  No one acts the way his characters do in the office.  No one talks that way.  At one point, Fulbright punches out his boss.  In real life if that had happened, security would have been called and Fulbright would have been arrested.

Furthermore, Deeds would have been arrested also and both men would have been removed from the office by security and turned over to the local police at the very first violent incident.

If Fulbright had been guilty of setting fire to the school, he would have been sent to Juvie instantly, not given a job on a magazine.

No acquisitions editor talks like Deeds or acts like him.  They would not only have been fired, they would probably have gotten the magazine sued by the writers or ended up with a class action suit directed at them as has recently happened with Judith Regan.

At one point, we have the hoary old cliche of the bad guy putting the phones out of order.  That might have worked twenty years ago.  But today everyone in the office would have had a cellphone.

Deeds is a foul mouthed bastard that should have had his throat slit.  I was rooting for Fulbright.


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