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So Sue Me! Daggy Poops Again.

All over the net, at one blog or another, a writer is catching hell from the critics. There is a community at Livejournal devoted to slamming the works of Laurel K. Hamilton. Snark reigns supreme on the internet, especially when it is deserved.

Dagstine attempts to turn a tragic event into PR for the Legion.

Everyone knows about the Megan Meiers tragedy. Furthermore, I doubt that anyone with a teenager in their family has failed to witness the effects that encounters like these have upon their children. I went through it with Sovay. She was lonely at the time. We had just moved to Massachusetts from California, leaving all of her friends behind. The emotional games played by teenagers upon each other on the net can become extremely savage. Eventually, Sovay and I decided to pull the modem out of her computer. By then she had become nearly catatonic with emotional pain and spent most of her days curled up on her bed. She lost a year of high school. Her therapist was begging me to allow him to hospitalize her, and I was refusing because I felt that it would put her over the edge to be caged up like that.

Instead, we overcame it together.

There is one major difference between what happened to Megan (and Sovay) and people like Dagstine and the members of the Legion.

Megan was a young girl, a private person.

Writers are forced to put up with people poking fun at them for one basic reason. Writers are public figures. Even the least and most insignificant of them.

Dagstine would like to see everyone cease to point and laugh at his drama queen bullshit. He trots out the infamous Nickolaus Pacione, who is more famous for abusing and stalking people than he is for his writing. And claims that Pacione is innocent and undeserving of the heckling.

We have come a long way from the days when it was socially acceptable to throw rotten vegetables and fruit at people like Dagstine and the Legion. Instead, we throw words.

Heckling, as I have said before, is an American tradition.

We are not going out there and entrapping an innocent and inexperienced young girl when we heckle writers. We are simply giving our opinion of their version of the peacock’s mating ritual.

Dagstine spreads his tail feathers, struts about, and indicates that he wishes to hump the readers and his peers.

I am morally and ethically appalled that Dagstine could equate the natural phenomena of readers heckling writers (the pea hen’s rejection of a lame peacock) with the deliberate entrapment of a young girl. It is so self-serving and opportunistic as to be disgusting.

We aren’t dealing with a bunch of internet virgins.

Dagstine and the Legion will never be able to shut down the voices of their detractors so long as he and his cronies are out in public, demanding that the public notice them.

We noticed you already, Dagstine.

We have given you our opinion of your antics.

It’s called editorializing and opinion pieces. DEAL WITH IT.

It’s not stalking if all we are doing is noticing you and reacting. You are a public figure. Not a virgin girl surrounded by cocks and singing to the sound of fornicating clocks.

Don’t worry, Dagstine. I have a cell phone and I’ll call the Waahmbulence for you.


4 comments on “So Sue Me! Daggy Poops Again.

  1. CritGit
    May 16, 2008

    The man’s a vile piece of shit to claim equal suffering as that girl.

    Also, bullying – if that’s what he wants to call it – bullying bullies is a counteraction.
    If he and others like him stop harassing and starting shit with others, then other people wouldn’t slap him around.

  2. Mike Brendan
    May 16, 2008

    It’s interesting that he accuses others of being bullies and yet barges in with insults, implied threats and vague hints at e-lawsuits from other “nameless” authors.

  3. Rusty
    May 16, 2008

    A sure sign that someone’s a nitwit: he or she trots out the e-lawyer threats. Another sure sign: attempting to use someone else’s tragedy for personal gain. I find it repugnant.

  4. cussedness
    May 16, 2008

    He attempts to set traps for people using semantic arguments, lies, and taunts, and ridicule. It all has a tendency to backfire on him, but not until he causes at least a few people to hurt.

    Facts never slow him down. It gets tiresome.

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