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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Sins of Innocence

I’m currently working on Sins of Innocence, book one in a new series Child Profane and Sacrosanct. I’m up to 40k on it.

Some readers have been wondering if I would ever get back to telling the story of the Sacred Child, whom Dynarien had been instructed to look for at the end of the Sacred King novels. This is it.

Amberlin, the shop keeper who is secretly (as those who read the previous series know) a battlemage and demi-god; Britlyn, the rebellious leader of the five surviving lifemages; Skree and Taun; and the assassin, Edouina Hornbow, are back at last.

They are facing off against a notorious band of sa’necari bounty-hunters and the lives of the five-year-old twins, Wolff and Fauxx de Waejonan, hang in the balance.


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