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Bummed out, but undefeated

I went to the eye doctor yesterday. I thought I was just getting fitted for new glasses. However, since it had been years since I had my eyes completely examined I got the whole nine yards.

I have cataracts. They are in the early stages and nowadays there is a lot that can be done for them.

It is still disturbing.

All the eye doctor was willing to tell me was that they were in the early stages, that she was forwarding the report to my MD, and that I would have to get the rest of the information from the MD. I’m seeing the MD on the 10th, so I’ll know more then.

As things stand, I can only guess that the main issues will be 1) what type I have; 2) how far they have to progress before being removed; 3) what my insurance will cover.

I did my usual “I hate the world” jig around the place, getting nasty with because the news had put me in such a foul mood. However, she survived the experience without biting my head off.


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