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Doesn’t this sound like the internet?

I’m currently reading “Grant and Sherman: The Friendship that Won the Civil War” by Charles Bracelen Flood. And it hit me that this long quote I am going to make from the book sounds like the internet.

“Returning home [following the Battle of Shiloh], Stanton wrote a diatribe against the Union Generals, not mentioning Sherman by name but referring to ‘the blundering stupidity and negligence’ of Grant.

An incensed Sherman entered the fray with a letter to Stanton. Early in it he set the tone: “The accusatory part of your statement is all false, false in general, false in every particular, and I repeat, you could not have failed to know it false when you published that statement …. Shame on you!”

…. Stanton replied to this with another diatribe, this time mentioning Sherman by name, and the fight was on. The Sherman team went to work: Sherman’s brother Senator John Sherman, Sherman’s famous and well-regarded father in law, Thomas Ewing, and Ellen’s [Sherman’s wife] brother, the influential lawyer Philemon Ewing, all Ohioans, filled newspaper columns with criticism of Stanton, with Stanton responding every time; before the storm ran its course, both sides were printing pamphlets setting forth their views.”

Internet is just another form of the same old thing.


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