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Prisoner of War at 14

I’m adding a new category to this blog today. I have on other blogs written about Age of Consent, Age of Maturity, child labor, and children as participants in war — as well as related topics.

Today I came across a mention of Acting Rear Admiral David Dixon Porter. His father, a hero of the War of 1812, took him along on ship with him. At 14, well trained as a sailor on his father’s ship, he was transferred to another vessel. Shortly before his fifteenth birthday, he was captured in a battle with a Spanish warship and spent six months as a prisoner of war in a prison ship in Havana Harbor.

As those who read this blog will learn, I am a pedant about historical and cultural accuracy and dislike genre work that tries to paste a modern perspective on previous historical eras and cultures that imitate the levels of those cultures.


One comment on “Prisoner of War at 14

  1. Johaha
    July 8, 2008

    Cuss. Email me. I have to speak to you.

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