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Why do my own print editions?

I am certain that some of you wonder why I decided to do my own print editions. When I signed with Renaissance Ebooks, a California-based indie ebook publisher, in 2004, I was promised print editions. They were not in the contract. Renebooks only purchased the electronic rights. However, I had a verbal agreement with Jean Marie Stine (who runs the company) that they were going to start doing PoD print runs of each of their best selling titles.

Four years later, even though I am one of their best-selling authors, all I have is empty promises and no sign of that changing. I have learned in the meantime that it is nearly impossible to sell print rights on a book that is already out in ebook.

One good aspect about doing it this way is that I can put back in the material that was cut from the books because of length, and in some cases I can restore the books to the way they were originally intended to be.

Jean Marie likes to break the books up when they run to 100k. The first three volumes of the Dark Brothers of the Light series was originally a single volume that weighed in at 175k. My then agent, Jack Byrne, advised me that it was too long to sell in today’s market and wanted me to basically eviscerate the book. Judging from my sales on the series, I made the right decision to go with Jean Marie rather than gut the books.

However, the electronic rights are tied up for the next four years. I did manage to get the rights back on two books, my collection and Mother Damnation. Jean Marie balked at returning any of the other rights.

So there it is.

Either an eight year wait (in total) or do it myself.


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