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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Daverana Enterprises

I originally created Daverana Enterprises in 2006 to offer a free download and an at cost print edition of my Compendium of Daverana. The purpose was to produce promotional materials to go along with my ebooks. The complexity of the world can be overwhelming when someone decides to start in the middle of a series instead of starting at the beginning. It can be bewildering any way at times.

The new compendium is entitled “Bodisaniwi’s Bodacious Universal Dictionary of Daverana” and will again be offered as a free download and an at cost print edition. The editor, Mark Prins, is close to finishing it. An atlas of Daverana is planned.

I have been setting stories and novels on the world of Daverana since 1978. The Chimquar stories take place on this world.

Other materials will be offered as I go along.

Last February, I decided to make Daverana Enterprises a real publishing company and began to acquire books by other authors. I like where it is going.


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