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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Blu Phi’er farts disinformation again.

Bernoudy has just expanded his rant. In it, he claims that he generously gives the author 1/3 of the profits. Sounds great compared to 10% of cover price that is industry standard.

But do the math

Take for instance a $15 tradepaper book produced through LSI. (That’s where Bernoudy gets his books printed PoD style)

Distributors want 55% discount on the cover price
Bookstores want 40%
Basic cost per book at LSI is usually $3.50 to $4.00
Author gets 10% of cover price

Do the math and tell me which author gets the most money?
Industry standard or Blu Phi’er?

Let’s see.

Cover price $15
minus Distributor discount, we are down to $6.45
minus basic cost (taking the lower figure), we are now down to $2.45
Author gets 10% of cover price, ($1.50)
The publisher can pocket $0.95

Now, with the generous 1/3 profit, that $2.45 that the book earned gets the author gets about 82 cents.

Very generous of you, Mr. Bernoudy.


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