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Chris Manning and Blu Phi’er: A questionable relationship

I want to examine the timing on this because I do not believe that the entire truth has been brought out concerning Chris Manning’s connection with Blu Phi’er.

To make this easier, I am going to use AW as an abbreviation for Absolute Write. All actions take place at the Absolute Write forums unless otherwise noted.

Absolute Write Blu Phi’er thread

The Rusty Nail thread with Chris’s comments

Yesterday, July 28th
1:02 PM Chris announces that he’s the new Marketing Director for Blu Phi’er.
2:14 PM Victoria Strauss expresses her alarms concerning Chris’s decision.
4:05 PM I asked him about the rights to Jane Baxter’s novel
4:11 PM, I get a notification that Chris has sent me a PM from AW.
When I try to reply, I find that Chris has blocked all private messages.
4:37 PM I get an email from Chris, using the marketing email address at Blu Phi’er.
5:28 PM, Victoria Strauss posts a question as to why Chris has his private messages blocked.

6:29 PM, chris posts a comment to TRN about being threatened and now just being a writer for Blu Phier.
6:47 PM Chris says that the warnings from Victoria came after he had been threatened, not before in comments at TRN
7:56 PM, JimmyD1318 posted an announcement that he received an email from Chris claiming that Chris has been seriously threatened at his workplace. The threats were recieved by phone.
Jimmy asked Victoria to lock the thread.

So, in an hour and a half’s time, (the time between when Chris made his post and Victoria replied) Chris had apparently gotten enough threats to make him reconsider being their marketing director.

I can understand people making threats in regard to the fact that Chris would be working for a convicted sex offender. However, I cannot imagine disgruntled authors going to the trouble to locate his private information (unless they had it earlier because they are known to him personally), and then make calls that were threatening to Chris and his family.

Do the math, folks. What is Chris and Bernoudy not telling us?

If anyone has more information to add to this timeline or otherwise, I will be very happy to hear from them.

One comment on “Chris Manning and Blu Phi’er: A questionable relationship

  1. khazar
    August 2, 2008

    The whole saga uses up a lot of goodwill, patience and virtue; one starts suspecting unseemly things, such as preparing for extensive CYA manouevers.

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