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Eric Enck as Scapegoat

Apparently, Eric Enck was hired as marketing director for Blu Phi’er. And now he’s been fired, but continues with them as an author.

Our former Marketing Director had great intentions and proposed a number of projects. Without the authority of upper management contracts were sent to numerous individuals. None of these contracts were official whereas they did not bear my signature. Nevertheless there were a number of people out there who mistakenly believed they had contracts with us. Many of them are angry and we’ve done our best to try to appease them. However, we won’t put books into print if it is not in the best interest of the company, no matter how many negative threads are started online.

I have just one question:


Since Bernoudy has been caught in numerous other lies and semantic games, what was Enck’s real position with the company?

And, before I forget, I would like to point out to Bernoudy that a marketing director at major publishers IS upper level management.


3 comments on “Eric Enck as Scapegoat

  1. Jane Timm Baxter
    July 29, 2008

    While Little e is no longer a part of my world, I do not think it fair that everything is getting dumped on him. Even if it is true that he sent out contracts or whatever he is alleged to be responsible for, isn’t the fecking CEO of the company supposed to *know* what is going on with his company? I heard from Little e, before the flame, that not only did he not get paid by Blu for this supposed “company position,” but that he LEFT the company – he was not fired. Even in the wording in the update, Mikey says “two people have left the company.” If Little e was thrown out, I have no doubt that Mikey would have said something like: “… and so I fired the SOB!”
    Of course, given the last communication I got from Little e, I cannot assume anything he ever told me was the truth. Apparently, truth is made of the same stuff as Silly Putty to him.

    Now I want some Silly Putty.

  2. cussedness
    July 29, 2008

    I agree with you completely, Jane

    My gut instinct is that Mike knew from the get-go that Eric was sending out those contracts. But a contract is not final until the publisher countersigns them. If Bernoudy found himself in over his head, he might have tried to jettison some of the more expensive projects, like the anthology and so forth.

  3. Eric Enck
    August 2, 2008

    You and Jane are 100% accurate…

    Back to the silly putty.

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