Cussedness Corner

"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Learn or die.

We will continue to spit in the face of critics and go against the grain.

Yes, that is so professional of you, Mr. Bare Nudie. The image is disgusting.

The critics like myself are going to be out here long term, watching what you do. Bad contracts will get you nowhere in the long run. The authors you have are filled with regrets.

I tried to find evidence of your marketing strategies. Guess what? You don’t have any. Where are your ads? Where is your PR? It’s on the backs of the authors.

And you continue to spout off about money. All publishers put money into their writers. You can’t expect them to sell, you have to promote them and cross your fingers.

You act as if it is something amazing that you spend money to publish your writers. Well, guess what? You are not unique.

One of the industry givens is that the publisher spends money. Not that the author owes the publisher anything, especially a return on his dollar.

Does the man who manufactures hammers expect the person he bought the handles from to pay him for making the hammers? No.

Whatever a company’s product is, the investment is from the company. You expect your authors to make you your money back, or to take it from them. That’s not right. Money flows to the writer, not the other way around.

Learn how the world of publishing works or get the hell out, Bernoudy.

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