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30th anniversary Chimquar collection (and more Jean)

I got the edits back on the Chimquar Collection. They are allowing me to do what I always wanted to do and that is a fresh edit and revision of the aging stories. I will also be writing two new tales of Chimquar for the volume.

Rob Mancebo is the editor and he’s amazing. The breadth of his knowledge is incredible and I am learning a lot from him.

I emailed Jean and demanded all of my rights back. I wish I could have stayed in SFWA, but I will rejoin before the end of the year I imagine. The last time I had to slap Jean around for payment, I went to the SFWA grievance committee and she knuckled under.

I have spoken before about how Jean edited “I, Vampire.” In 2001, Jean went to work for Renaissance Ebooks under the original owner. She handed him the anthology without paying any of the writers more money or renegotiating the contracts with them. None of them were ever paid royalties from the book. When I found out about it, I went to the SFWA grievance committee and they got me paid $100. However, I have no way of knowing whether they located the other authors or not.

Jean tried to do the same thing with New Eves, the book we edited together (I actually did all the work). However, I successfully blocked her on that one.

Knowing that I had already involved the Grievance Committee once kept her on the straight and narrow.


One comment on “30th anniversary Chimquar collection (and more Jean)

  1. khazar
    August 10, 2008

    I never got royalties. Ever. Granted, the story sux big time, but it was accepted.

    FWIW when I tried to join SFWA I used that book as a credit. I guess it didn’t count as they never accepted me.

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