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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Feeding the madness

I intend to see if I can develop my internet psychosis into a fun thing. Everyone needs a hobby.

I realized that the structure of The Doherty Decision was giving me a few fits, so I did a detailed outline of what I had already written, chapter by chapter. The result was that I found plot holes in the timeline. There were events that could not have happened in the sequence I had laid them out in. So I started tearing the chapters down and moving some scenes to a later point in the book and some to an earlier point in it.

I tend to write my books like a tapestry. I pull one set of threads through as far as I can get them and then I go back pull a different thread through. Eventually they meet and I tie them together, making a single thread.

While a lot of the characters from the previous lycan series are back,( including Kynyr, Kady, Stoneriver, and Jordan, ), there are some new characters. I intend for the new series to be a group of standalones exploring different aspects of the war between Waejontor and the lycans of Red Wolf.

A lot of writers have felt the seductive allure of history, especially the War of the Roses. On the one hand, I have the now ruling Maguire family and their Sinclair relatives faced off against the family of Tremayne Doherty for the throne of Red Wolf. That’s the internal political situation, rife with treachery and machinations. Then there’s the external situation in the form of the Waejontori invasion as they try to re-take the lycan realms that were once client states of their Empire.

If you recall your British history, you will find that France and Spain could not keep their noses out of matters that went on in Britian during the War of the Roses.

While my storyline is different, the dynamics are the same.

I have not yet decided whether the sa’necari necromancers of Waejontor are going to throw a zombie army at the lycans or not. I’ve done that twice already and I’m a bit tired of it. Instead, I’m thinking that it’s time to go more deeply into the demonic side of what goes on when the Waejontori make war. Zarliche Blood is back. He’s been a minor character in other novels, yet when I mentioned him to a few people they immediately brought up the scene of him eating long pig at a banquet in Blood Heresy. Up until now I have not revealed what kind of creature Zarliche really is, but by chapter two of the Doherty Decision, you’ll know precisely what he is. It has taken a lot of self-discipline not to make the revelation sooner.

How does all of this feed back to the title of the post?

Since Dagstine wants to make me out to be psychotic, and stated that I average ten to twelve posts a day, I thought I would give it a try. I normally blog in flurries. I think my record is five. Then I often go days or weeks without blogging.

So, without resorting to memes, I am going to try to write ten blog posts in 24 hours, while doing all the rest of the work I need to get done.


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