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Reviews of Serpent’s Quest

Alternative Reads posted the following Review

Then a review appeared at Shocklines

Both of them mostly positive.

John, one of my ex’s, decided to get snarky again and posted a comment on the Shockline’s thread. He’s gone back to shoving Aidan Kelly in my face again in private. You’d think since we’ve been broken up for more than a decade, John would just stop doing this.

Postscript: I bumped this one up in hopes that the person who posted the review at Shocklines will come forward and admit to it. It’s a gorgeous review. It should actually be obvious that I did not write it because the reviewer went out of their way to use a race name from my books. That’s something I would never have done. And I have never posted things with alts.


3 comments on “Reviews of Serpent’s Quest

  1. khazar
    August 21, 2008

    I tried to respond to the loser with the “It’s a Lulu book” comment, but it wouldn’t let me. It’s just as well. You never know where I’ll end up, and someone will get stabbed.

  2. CritGit
    August 22, 2008

    Just seen Mr Chip-on-his-shoulder TFD sum up chapter nine with ‘its two prostitues nailed a guy to a chair fucking with him’.
    Um, well done on showing what a clueless dick you are. They didn’t nail him to the chair, and they certainly don’t enjoy him being there.
    Also the bestality mention was just crass.

    Hate to think what he’d say about teen hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

  3. cussedness
    August 23, 2008

    It just keeps getting worse. The problem with posting at Shocklines is that you have to be registered to post a comment. I liked it better when it was an ezboard.

    I suspect that Frogdog is carrying a grudge of some kind. I’m really surprised that Lee Harris has not shown up. Were you ever at Forrey’s place, Khazar? There was this huge hulking blond, looked a bit like an orge. Sullen and snarky. That was Lee. He’s found me a few times and gotten just as ugly as Mr. Frogdog.

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