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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Lycan Pride update

After two days of fighting with Word to fix an annoying problem with the formatting, I’m finally back to work.  In the meantime I did come up with titles I liked for the first three books in the new lycan series.  The first two are roughed out with notes.  The third is just notes and a brief outline with a few scenes finished.

So here they are:

Book 1: The Loyalty of Wolves
Book 2: The Shrew of Heatherford
Book 3: An Honorable Renegade.

Loyalty just passed 38,000 despite the fact that I yanked a lot out of it. I totally rethought three scenes.

Winston Doherty’s little brother, Jeremy, is introduced to the village sneak, Rory Scott, in the first chapter and a friendship is formed. Now, I need to figure out how much trouble that pair of scamps can get into before it merges with the main storyline and I once more hit the more finished sections.


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