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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Defamation of character?

I’m a curmudgeon. I’m cantankerous.

Someone just recently accused me of being a NICE person.

I intend to sue them for defamation of character.




12 comments on “Defamation of character?

  1. Rusty
    September 6, 2008


  2. Karen
    September 6, 2008

    Hehe. Janrae, I just saw what Ant said about you at SA. I can’t post there to respond—well, I could, but I need the $9 for dog toys this week, what can I say?

    Anyway, I just wanted to say, because I always meant to but never knew how, that I think he’s brought up a very important point. I say this because I care, not because I’m nitpicking, but I’ve always felt you put WAY too much importance into the nitwits’ ramblings. Seriously, they have NO pull, NO power, and absolutely nobody I know, and I know quite a few people in the industry, have ANY clue who these people are. Rusty and ETT, whoever they are, have given them all the fame they will ever have. You need to do what all of us who get targeted do: we laugh at the screed, shake our heads, share it with our friends, and about ten minutes later we’re opening up the Word document for our latest book and slipping into the world we’ve created. It’s something THEY will never have.

    The screeds are comedy, pure and simple. Try not to let it become stress. And if you happen to run into an editor who is taking these ridiculous and impotent screams in the night seriously, just get the hell out of Dodge. That person is not worth working with.

    Hope things get busy with you and you make some terrific sales. Over and out…

  3. cussedness
    September 6, 2008

    I think some of it hits home, Karen, because no one really wants my material to begin with and it’s probably true what Dagstine says about my being a washed up has been.

    If there were any place for me to take my stuff, I would. But I’ve pretty much exhausted the markets. Otherwise, why would I re-issue them myself?

    I have my disability to fall back on, and I can continue to enjoy writing.

    But these days I have more self-doubts than I do faith and I become more and more convinced that I have lost the magic. It isn’t easy to deal with. At times, it seems like all if have left is my anger and at least they give me a decent target.

  4. Karen
    September 7, 2008

    Then might I suggest perhaps looking toward writing for a wider market? I don’t mean burying the work you love to do, but trying to branch out into new genres and markets? I love my work in the underground, but I know if I’m to survive, I’ll need to learn to write for the mainstream as well. I’m thinking you could bring some terrific mainstream and maybe even romance novels to the table. The gay romance market is growing larger and larger. Perhaps you could draw on the region where you grew up, outline the struggles of an unconventional romance in a long-ago period. It’s just a rambling thought! I wish you the best.

    (And I know anger. I just had -sigh- two novels rejected.)

  5. cussedness
    September 7, 2008

    I can’t write mainstream or romance. I block whenever I try to direct myself to write anything other than what I’m writing.

  6. Johaha
    September 7, 2008

    Get Back! Spawn of Satan!

  7. cussedness
    September 7, 2008

    oooh, I like you, Johaha!

  8. JodiLee
    September 7, 2008

    Janrae Frank – you listen to me. You’ve got more talent and more personality and more caring (and everything in between) in the top piece of your little finger, than any of those three – or all of ’em combined.

    You are not a washed up has been. The industry swings back and forth (damn the pendulum) and it’ll come back for you. You have to make sure you’ve got some bits and pieces stashed away.

    I think what you’re doing with your own company is something that you’ve evolved to. Maybe writing is going to need to sit on the side for now, while you edit and publish these other folks. Maybe this is what your focus will need to be, for now.


    (crawls back under lurk-rock) 😉

  9. cussedness
    September 7, 2008

    Because of Fictionwise’s increased requirements to carry Daverana’s books, I have to throw in everything I have written previously, despite the general consensus against self-publishing. Otherwise it will probably take a year or more to meet their quota.

  10. Sabledrake
    September 7, 2008

    What they said!

    Also, on being called a nice person … yeah, dontcha hate that? I get it a lot myself, no matter how often I insist that I’m mean and evil.

  11. cuss kid
    September 7, 2008

    you can be mean and good.
    you can be nice and evil.

  12. Johaha
    September 7, 2008

    Cuss, I wouldn’t worry.
    Award winner Jay Lake co-edits for Wheatland, a small group he helped start. They also published some of his work. Looks like self-publishing?

    Not really.

    There is a BIG difference between being self-published and working for a company that publishes your work.

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