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Fictionwise and my decision to self publish

Fictionwise now has a larger quota to be met in order for them to carry our books. Daverana needs the money that can be made through the distribution network at Fictionwise.

They now want 25 titles and at least 5 previously published authors. The only way that I can meet their requirements to carry our books is to include my own. By including my books I can offer Fictionwise fifteen novels right off the bat. I need ten more to make it all work out.

I am close to having those ten ready and hope to have them by the end of the year as I have them in the editorial process already.


8 comments on “Fictionwise and my decision to self publish

  1. cuss kid
    September 7, 2008

    you make a good point. Ultimately this helps the other people see the light of day sooner and is thus being done to help them.

    After the first 25 books are out you can go elsewhere as needed 🙂

  2. Johaha
    September 7, 2008

    Cuss, I wouldn’t worry about your rep with this.

    Award winner Jay Lake co-edits for Wheatland, a small group he helped start. They also published some of his work. Looks like self-publishing?

    Not really.

    There is a BIG difference between being self-published and working for a company that publishes your work.

  3. cuss kid
    September 7, 2008

    good point. also if people get bored I am often sitting in moms chat room by myself.

  4. cuss kid
    September 7, 2008

    especially Monday nights

  5. Rusty
    September 7, 2008

    I wouldn’t consider it self-publishing for several reasons. First, these are reissues of Cuss’ books originally put out by another publisher, after she got the rights back. Second, Daverana is publishing other authors as well. Third, Daverana has paid staff.

    That’s a huge difference from the way Lake Fossil Press operates. Sure, Nicky includes other authors in his anthologies and magazine, and, in fact, relies on them for filler, which is the way I’m sure he thinks of them. But, he’s never “published” anything that didn’t include one or more of his own stories. His TP series and EG magazine are nothing but vehicles for his own “writing.” All this is lost on Peaches, though.


  6. CritGit
    September 8, 2008

    /borrows soapbox

    Not only are they reprints but she has a fanbase, so that draws potential readers in for everyone else, and is a more sure way to make money.

    But essentially it is the same as the talk on fanfic on the Nail. Quality writing is quality writing, and shite is shite.

    Janrae being head of the company might draw notice, but her work among the rest should draw interest.

    /steps off soapbox and leaves for another to use.

  7. Vern
    September 8, 2008

    Not logged in, being lazy!

    If something is worth buying, I don’t really see it mattering too much if it’s POD, selfpub and or other. Marketing is the key thing. Ultimately, if the product is good, people will buy if they know it’s available and where to get it from.

    To quote Crit:

    Quality writing is quality writing, and shite is shite.

    Do what is right for you!

  8. khazar
    September 8, 2008

    Yeah, there’s never in the entire history of publishing been someone published by where they work.

    Who’s bitching? Nickypoo? Ignore him. Like he’s going to be a big customer anyway. Maybe he will, though, so he can have something to read when he gets bored with boning La Dingleberry.

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