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The Banning of the Monkey

You know him as CritGit. I know him as Steven Beeho. And he’s a nice guy (when he isn’t telling me I’m an aggravation LOL). Roger at ThatPoem staged a coup, tossing the co-owner, his ex-wife, Sue, off and removing her admin status. ThatPoem was Sue’s baby until Roger started abusing his authority.

Now, he has banned Steven from the board without cause. At ThatPoem, Steven went by the handle of Uppity Monkey.

He has never done anything unfair over there. This was an undeserved reprisal for starting the new site.

Roger is a good one to add to the rosters of the Legion of Nitwits.


One comment on “The Banning of the Monkey

  1. CritGit
    September 12, 2008

    Oh, he doesn’t deserve that level of acknowledgement.

    The man is a coward and a lech and a bully. His fault when fewer go on there as we meet at the other poem site.

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