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Dagstine lies again

Dagstine has been telling people that the first time he made fun of my polio was yesterday on Shocklines.

Here’s the proof. I had taken the link down so that Range would not continue to get nasty comments.


2 comments on “Dagstine lies again

  1. khazar
    September 18, 2008

    It takes a special kind of man to attack the handicapped.

    I bet he parks in the handicap spot to “teach people a lesson”.

    Of course, were he to become physically disabled (As opposed to his obvious mental inferiority) the world would have to change to accommodate him.

  2. CritGit
    September 18, 2008

    He did the Special Olympics comment, and then he compared disabilites to being sick.

    Gratuitous bile like that isn’t forgotten easily.

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