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A Guest Post on Autism and Vaccines

Over at Shocklines there is a thread going about the alleged connection between vaccines and autism. I got polio from the vaccine because my immune system had flaws. That was back in 1962.

So I am cross-posting with permission, the most intelligent of the comments on that thread. Michele Lee knows what she is talking about.

I’d like to thank the many, many logical minds in this thread. I know this is a duh to some of you, but I have an 8 year old autistic son. He was vaccinated after TH was removed and never got any “extras” like the flu shot or extra doses of anything. He developed normally until about 3 then just stopped talking. He communicated nonverbally, so we just thought he was shy.

I’ve had some rather extensive contact with the autism community and the medical community, at least here in Louisville. The only ones blaming vaccines is the parents. Every doctor I’ve spoken to, as well as therapists, has told me that there is a very slim chance autism is caused by vaccines.

Mike, if you want to find something suspicious how about the other side of this controversy. I mean, what is autism isn’t caused by TH? Well then the money goes to research and therapies. But by propagating the belief that autism is caused by vaccines these “doctors” 1) allow the parents, who are stressed and filled with pain someone to blame and to fight and try to destroy rather than focusing on their child, the one who needs the help 2) instigate the false belief that autism can be cured with a a pill or a medicine and 3) open up themselves to profit off the false hopes that gluten free diets or chelation therapy, both of which are VERY expensive and not covered by insurances. Of course doctors who make money selling this crap will push it as a cure to desperate parents. The whole idea that there’s a normal kid inside an autistic child, that vaccines “stole the child” and someone should be made to pay for their child not being normal is COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

My son doesn’t suffer from autism. He doesn’t need anyone to find a cure. He is EXACTLY as he should be. He has things he’s good at and things he’s not. He is not a disease. Autism isn’t all he is.

We may not know what causes autism, but we do know what it is. Plain and simple an autistic’s brain works differently. Studies have found no proof to support diets or drugs in treating autism (parents who swear by them are often so desperate for an improvement they “see” an improvement that’s not there or the therapy addresses another, unknown problem, ie one of the medical problems that goes hand in hand with autism is food allergies. A gluten free diet might help with intestinal or allergy problems, but it does “cure” or effect the underlying autism), but they have discovered that typically an autistic’s brain is physically bigger, chemically functions differently and is physically shaped differently.

Not to mention chelation, the therapy for TH/mercury poisoning has a shady history (detailed very well here), can be deadly and as I mentioned before is very expensive, and it has shown no long term effects. You stop doing it, the child goes right back to where they started.

I am absolutely, utterly exhausted of all this “blame the vaccine companies” “blame the doctors” “cure your kid”. What about that kid? What are you doing to them teaching them that someone damaged them, that they’re diseased, broken? That someday they’re going to be fixed and then everything will be okay? How does that help them now? Autistic children know they’re different. The high function kids suffer from horrible self esteem because everyone’s always telling them how they’re wrong, how they’re different. How about saying that they face challenges, just like little Jimmy is bad at math, or little Vanessa who can’t carry a tune to save her life. Why are “normal” kids allowed to be good at one thing and bad at another but autistic kids have to be “cured” of their talents and failings? What about focusing on the child rather than a word or a diagnosis?

Autism numbers are rising because autism is is a spectrum disorder. Asperger’s, PPD and many other things count as an autism spectrum disorder. ASD is also syndromal, meaning it’s likely to go hand in hand with other problems. Autism and mental retardation are two different afflictions, but they sometimes go hand in hand. Autism can also go side by side with physical development problems, and even personality disorders. It’s also much, much more common i males than females, which can’t be ignored as scientifically speaking males have more problems with social interactions, emotional detection and communicative nuances.

There are many advantages to autism (Discussion here about a pill that could temporarily make a person autistic in order to study for tests, among other things) and many challenges. But sitting around here debating whether vaccines cause it or not, when every professional medical organization has said there is no proof is a waste of time when there are so many more interesting things in the field of autism study to focus on.

Thank you, Michele


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