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I woke up with the roaring loud in my ears (I hate it), my legs from the knees down trying to escape the sockets, and my feet humming. I’ve been up for four hours now. The roaring has gone down (I think the fact that I was chain smoking yesterday added to it). All that is really left is the humming. So I’m doing okay at this point.

With my limited knowledge of physiology, I have been trying to get a better idea of the whys and wherefores that my lycans are so much harder to bring down than humans when they are in their hybrid forms. They are definitely not the superhuman creatures that lift cars and toss them such as you find in novels by Laurel K. Hamilton et al. Things that would kill a human in short order only slow them down. I see them as being about 25 – 50% sturdier, tougher, faster than the average human when they go hybrid. That’s allowing for individual variation. I think that some of it might relate to clotting factors.

I am reminded of some of the things they learned in England when they stumbled upon those War of the Roses era mass graves back in the late 90s. Some of skeletons found had been seriously messed up and then healed over. Facial bones and jawbones caved in on one side and sometimes missing pieces, healed over, and then they were killed years later in those final battles. The soldiers must have taken some impressive blows to the head and survived to fight again.


9 comments on “lycans

  1. 50 Foot Ant
    September 24, 2008

    Well, let us look…

    In hybrid form, muscle tissue expands, giving them better strength and the ability to take heavier blows. Adrenale glands and other “combat glands” kick into overdrive. Bone marrow production is stimulated to increase blood production, clotting agent production improves, additional lung capacity in the smaller aveliole opening up improves oxygenation, additional sugars flood the system, to allow the mitochondria to produce more energy, giving a more “explosive” burst of strength.

    Awareness expands slightly, and the brain kicks into overdrive, the subconscious taking over the high end demand of sensory perceptions and performing some tasks, enabling them to dodge and roll with the blows.

    Additional fat cells, normally collapsed and flat, flood with water, these cells are located in between the epidermal layers and in between the epidermal layer and the muscle layer, providing additional armor.

    Add in increased cerebral spinal fluid (probably giving them a bulging eye look) keeps the brain from suffering addition damage from a head blow when a “shunt” activates that will dump the overpressure into the sinus cavity or jaw. Nerve endings become “numbed” in the pain receptors, where pain sensation is lessened, but not eliminated (DoD research showed that lack of pain stimilus slows healing and often results in additional damage, as according to the Individual Amplification Project, AKA Project Bluebird)

    Yeah, it’s doable.

  2. cussedness
    September 24, 2008

    Thanks, Ant

  3. Kaolin
    September 24, 2008

    Ant’s good. 🙂

    Just finished book 3 of JoSK. Need to slow down, but damn it’s nice to relax and read. It had been too long.

  4. CritGit
    September 25, 2008

    You’ve mentioned that they can smell better in hybrid form. Not sure what said about hearing and seeing, but would make sense that those were heightened too.
    You could argue that going hybrid could have overload issues, but that someone well trained could take in all the heightened senses and so become so much more alert and aware. Hmmm, also the idea of dogs having that instinct, even with the supernatural – dogs barking at ghosts.

    A master at the hybrid form could be someone a step ahead of others, especially in battle – eg. the stench of blood would be immense on a battlefield but a hybrid master could distinguish and dissect.
    Guess a bit like Holmes meets Druss. 😉

    Also, if bigger and stronger, but fast too, then a moving blow from one would be even stronger still. Getting hit by a charging lycan would be pretty damn nasty.

    Oh, and the hairs. Wouldn’t they help, as in making the individual more sensitive to surroundings?

  5. 50 Foot Ant
    September 25, 2008

    The hairs are used to sense changes in air currents. The sense of smell could be improved by the normally folded sinus tissues becoming suffaced with blood and evening out to provide more surface from scents.

    Of course, if someone knew they faced a Lycan, they could use that to advantage.

  6. CritGit
    September 25, 2008

    Yes, often thought that. Terry Pratchett had a criminal avoid a werewolf officer with, um, aniseed I think. Something incredibly pungent.
    I guess if you hit a lycan with a powerful, vicious smell, could cause them to revert to human as a natural protection reaction.
    A lycan hybrid expert could shut out many smells, but something really strong would be impossible I imagine.

    Hmmm. Would the hybrid form be taller too? I can especially imagine changes in feet, ankles and calves, which would make the lycan hybrid faster, more flexible, with a greater and quicker spring. Those would also make them taller.
    However with them wearing boots, not sure that would be possible.

    As it is hybrid, as in human to wolf, the hands could become more paw-lke. Fingers shorter and thicker. Although that would be a problem when handling weapons and could be something lycans are raised to correct.

    Switching the forms must be taught to lycan kids the same way swimming and riding bikes is to ours.

  7. khazar
    September 25, 2008

    I would think the lycans have the same sharp senses of their animal half. Dog’s noses are several orders of magnitudes better than our own–they smell in color. I use that to my advantage with Mia, as do many other who rely on dogs to do scent discrimination.

    A dog, for example, can tell at a whiff all about the age, sex, health & so on of someone. They can tell the difference between a cluster of healthy cells & cancerous ones, long before any human technology can do so.

    They can also see in a wider range of the spectrum than we do. This is why I believe they perceive ghosts & spirits so well; those fall into the extended range. Cats, of course, see even further into the spectrum & can therefore find many things that we miss.

  8. cussedness
    September 25, 2008

    I think there are a lot of good points in these comments that I will need to incorporate into future books about my lycans.

    Thanks, all of you.

  9. CritGit
    September 25, 2008

    One of my cats can see into my soul. Least it feels like that when she stares silently at me for ages. 😮

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