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"My work may be garbage but it's good garbage." Mickey Spillane

Associated Content just published my article

Associated Content purchased reprint non-exclusive rights to my article on the cabal


16 comments on “Associated Content just published my article

  1. Johaha
    September 30, 2008

    Poetry, my dear. Pure poetry.

  2. JodiLee
    October 1, 2008

    Looks great, Janrae – I added you to my faves!

  3. susie hawes
    October 1, 2008

    very nice!

  4. Sabledrake
    October 1, 2008

    Excellent! Congrats on getting accepted!

    (sarcasm aside, whee!)

  5. cussedness
    October 1, 2008

    Heee, Sabledrake. I only did it because dere’s a nitwit lurking over dere!

    I’m wondering how long until the nitwits explode over it. LOL

  6. Jane Timm Baxter
    October 1, 2008

    So, if I put a link to it EVERYWHERE I can think of, do you think it will “go viral?”


  7. Sovay
    October 1, 2008

    I”m waiting for them to get really upset

  8. Johaha
    October 1, 2008

    Daggy’s trying to build himself some more friends—those who do not know how badly he has treated others.

    I hope they, one day, find out.

    I have also been impressed, so far, with the lack of response from him or the other Nitwits.

    Have they discovered the self-control button?

  9. cussedness
    October 1, 2008

    My guess is that they are not aware of it yet. If enough people make mention of it, sooner or later they will notice. After all Philbin and Dagstine have made several attempts to pressure me into taking it off my blog.

  10. Johaha
    October 1, 2008

    They must know, considering how often they read your blog and TRN?????

  11. cussedness
    October 1, 2008

    I’m not certain they read that often except on the days that they are busy googling themselves.

    I made a habit of putting them into the tags for posts that had nothing to do with them in order to confuzzle them.

  12. Mike Brendan
    October 2, 2008

    I should put The Egoless Writer on there too…

  13. cussedness
    October 2, 2008

    Yes, you should. They have a totally different agreement if you specify that it is a reprint.

  14. Mike Brendan
    October 2, 2008

    And that makes me happy. Didn’t know you could do that…

  15. khazar
    October 2, 2008

    The Goons at Something Awful are starting to eye Daggy.

    That, friends, would be a thing of such beauty that the mere thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

  16. Mike Brendan
    October 3, 2008

    Link please?

    Til then, I’m makin’ popcorn… if Daggy thought *we* were mean…

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