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Nick Mamatas and the LULZ that is Dagstine

Hat tip: Guy La Douche

Nick Mamatas has a few words to say about Dagstine’s interview.

Mamatas picked up on several things that I missed and the comments are great.


15 comments on “Nick Mamatas and the LULZ that is Dagstine

  1. Johaha
    October 12, 2008

    I searched Novel and Short Story Writers MArket. I found no mention of Dagstine whatsoever.

    I call bullshit on this, big time.

  2. Guy La Douche
    October 12, 2008

    Now, the question is, will Larry-boy pull what he did on Keene and Odark a while back, and go rushing into a fight?

    That’s what I mean by “get the popcorn.”

  3. cussedness
    October 12, 2008

    I have to hope so. It would be very LULZ worthy to watch the good folks beat him into the ground again. He has been remarkably restrained, except on the conspiracy theory threads at Shocklines. This is my second post about that interview.

  4. Mike Brendan
    October 12, 2008

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. Nick Mamatas has an excellent eye for writing both good and bad, which is an essential skill for any editor. More importantly he’s not one to mess with or argue with using poor logic. I would love to see Larry get into a verbal altercation with Nick — Larry deserves that sort of punishment.

  5. Mike Brendan
    October 12, 2008

    Assuming of course, he made it back from Harlem alive…

  6. Johaha
    October 12, 2008

    Larry’s biggest problem is that he thinks he is Billy-Bad-Ass.

    Really he’s Billy-Bum-Fluff.

  7. cussedness
    October 12, 2008

    Larry would never have the balls to go to Harlem for anything. He’s a patty-cake pansy

  8. Kody Boye
    October 12, 2008

    Ooh, Harlem!…

    Wait, I thought you guys were talking about a Harem… -_-

    Ah well, bring it on! 😀 I’m gangsta enough. Just watch me and Shequanda goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  9. Johaha
    October 13, 2008


    Daggy’s story in Tales of the Talisman is a reprint.
    He originally published that story in The Nautilus Engine and then The Willows.

  10. cussedness
    October 13, 2008

    I think that is ought to be clear by now that most of his sales are reprints and not originals. He is not as prolific as he wants people to think that he is.

  11. Johaha
    October 13, 2008

    Considering he agrees with the basic principle of padding out his publication credits (as well as pretending to get fan mail and boasting of how he has helped writers of da genrah), I believe you are correct, Cuss.

  12. raingods
    October 13, 2008

    What amazes me is that anything of his gets reprinted at all.

  13. Johaha
    October 14, 2008

    Consider the types of publications he submits to—non-paying or token paying markets with no quality control—and you can see how.

    As an author, I am no where near concerned about his credits. They are crap. My credits maybe few, but they count as real, pro credits.

  14. AlKilyu
    October 15, 2008

    If his gun statement was true, he would not only be admitting to breaking the law (there are actual shops to legally buy guns you idiot) if he did claim to stalk someone else at their home again, this time whomever he does it to can link to the cops that he may be armed and dangerous (lol) and carrying an illegal weapon.

    His mouth is his biggest enemy.

  15. cussedness
    October 21, 2008

    that’s a very good point, Al. He just wants to sound dangerous. But on the off chance that he TRIES to be dangerous, Natalie and I have a surprise waiting for him if he should show up on our doorstep.

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